We have a wide variety of stone sizes and designs available to spruce up your business presence.

More than just engraving 

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We have a solution for your engraving needs

Limestone Impressions does more than simply engrave stones.  You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's a personal stone, a new commercial sign, annual maintenance or putting a new look on an existing stone.


We offer these services for your stone whether you purchased it from us or not. We have maintenance plans and options to refurbish a stone to make it look new again or maybe even add a little something to it.



Need something to make your project stand out? Let us help!

We have helped several fundraisers with donations from our organization. If you have an organization that is interested in asking for donations don't hesitate to ask. 

Nature is all around us, Craft yours beautifully

We will help you to keep your stone looking new or if you have an existing stone that needs to be repainted, re-engraved, or touched up, we do that too.

 Shipping available  -  Located in Derby, KS

Discounts available up to 20% off through February!

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Shipping available

We have a variety of stone options to suit your needs. From actual fence posts to flagstones and benches

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Custom Limestone Engravings


Phone:         316-619-6589

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LimestoneImpressions/

   We have a new stone we are now offering! This offers the same engraving surface as the 2 1/4" thick flagstone we still offer but the flagstone in the  above picture in the middle is a 4" thick piece that is approximately 54" long and about 20" tall. The thickness offers a more prestigious look that can  accommodate more design work when the needed or your designs can simply be made larger so as to be seen from further away. Pricing  information is on the "Personal Stones" page.