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Need something to make your business stand out? Let us help!


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Custom Limestone Engravings


     Commercial Stone Base Prices

     Special order sizes are available.

     Contact us for more information.

     Letters & Pictures -

          Simple Fonts - Smaller than 2"                              $6.00

                                    Larger than 2" up to 4"                   $12.00

           Designer Fonts - Smaller than 2"                          $9.00

                                       Larger than 2" up to 4"                $15.00

           Pictures - Starting at:                                             $50.00

           Portraits of People - Starting at:                           $120.00 
     Horizontal Posts - (comes with two setting blocks) 

              2-4 ft (smooth face)(Most common size)            $180.00
              4-6 ft (smooth face)                                             $200.00
              For a rough face stone add                                 $50.00     
     Vertical Posts - (post between 5 and 6ft before set in ground)
              Base price (smooth face)                                    $200.00
              Base price (rough face)                                       $250.00     
     Flagstone (thick) Prices - (approximately 4 inches thick)

             Length is about 54-58 inches long

             Height is about 19-24 inches tall                           $270.00

     Flagstone (thin) Prices - (2 1/4 to 2/12 inches thick)
             Up to 6in by 1ft (or up to 72 sq. inches)*               $10.00
             Up to 1ft by 1ft (or up to 144 sq. inches)*              $25.00
             Up to 1ft by 2ft (or up to 288 sq. inches)*             $75.00
             Up to 1ft by 3ft (or up to 432 sq. inches)*             $130.00
             Up to 1ft by 4ft (or up to 576 sq. inches)*             $160.00
             Up to 2ft by 2ft (or up to 576sq. inches)*              $160.00
             Up to 2ft by 3ft (or up to 864 sq. inches*              $180.00
             Up to 2ft by 4ft (or up to 1152 sq. inches)*           $200.00  
            * Final price is rounded to the nearest price listed above

               based on the square inches of the face of the stone. 

     Flagstone Benches - (Basic blank stone setup with 2 1/4 to

      1 1/2 inches thick flagstone)
             Bench - Approximately 40" h, 48" w, 20" d
             (includes blank back, seat, and legs)                    $350.00

     Sitting Benches -(approximately 48 inches long 18 inches

     wide, and 19 inches tall. stone is 3 inches thick)

             Finished Bench                                                     $385.00
             Pitched Bench                                                       $435.00
             Bullnose Bench                                                     $485.00

Military, law enforcement, and multiple order discounts available.

Accepting Credit cards.

Shipping available

Commercial Stones - Building a sign for your business can be a tedious process for you. Rest assured we are more than willing to work with you on designs and layouts until you are confident you are getting what you want.

There is a list of prices to the right but we can easily order special sizes to your specifications.

We have the ability to engrave just about any design you can send us. We can also stain your stone to achieve different looks that may be more appealing to you.

Commercial stones are sometimes subject to local laws and ordinances that can be costly. It is up to the customer to be aware of any regulations and relay them appropriately.

To get a quote contact us through any of the following:

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