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Custom Limestone Engravings

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     If regular maintenance has not been done to your stone it can be difficult to make it look new again. It may be as simple as scrubbing it, as I will describe below, but can consist of a much more aggressive approach which can ruin the stone or the engraving if not done properly. To keep from needing to have serious refinishing work done to your stone proper placement AND regular annual maintenance are the keys.


     When you are deciding where to place your stone keep in mind the following tips:

1. Pick an area that does not allow regular dripping of water from buildings or other structures
2. Pick an area that keeps water sprinklers from spraying the stone
3. Keep the stone protected from lawn mower and weed eater debris

REGULAR MAINTENANCE (At least annually)

     Even if all the above steps are taken annual maintenance of your stone is recommended to keep it looking new. If there is no discoloration from mold or mildew it is as simple as applying some concrete or stone sealer annually to keep the moisture from causing mold or mildew to grow. Make sure the stone has been dry for at least a few days before applying the sealer.

     If there is mold/ mildew discoloration on your stone typical maintenance can consist of simply mixing a solution of 50/50 water and bleach and scrubbing the stone with an old toothbrush.  In some cases, a more course brush may be necessary such as a brass wire brush. 

HEAVIER MAINTENANCE (please look under “Refinishing an existing stone” in the next column)

Refinishing an existing stone


     If regular maintenance has not been done to your stone more aggressive measures may need to be used to make it look new again. This process can cause damage to the stone, the engraving, and to you. Because of this we recommend contacting us to take care of these situations. We will make your stone look new again.

     Refinishing a stone can include repainting, re-engraving, and resurfacing as well as reapplying sealer to give a renewed look to your old stone. The work can be done on site for larger, harder to move stones such as business or permanently installed stones. Pick up and drop off is available for smaller stones.

Pricing will depend on several factors, the major ones are listed below:

1. Whether or not the stone will be picked up and delivered by us or dropped off and picked up by you.

2. Whether or not the stone is damaged enough it needs to be "re-engraved".

3. If the stone is going to be done on site

4. The size of the stone and the amount of work needed

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